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just one note.  every time I open it on Android it loses bold font.

and then corrupts, in sync, with the Mac version.

anyone have a fix or suggestion?
I've re-installed.  Stepped back to an earlier version.
Completely deleted the note from EN and started anew.
Seems there is a character that is corrupting the note?


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There is some aspect of markdown build into EN.

Maybe a sequence of text or code in that note is interpreted as a markdown string, which changes the format, and is then synced to the other devices. The typical command for markdown Bold is a word between a double star marker, like this **bold** .

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1 hour ago, fzlang said:

Seems there is a character that is corrupting the note?

Evernote uses an enml/html format for storing our note data    
There are various hidden characters which we don't see    
The Mac editor has a simplify/remove formatting option to remove these hidden characters.  It may fix your issue

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thanks for the input.  I thought perhaps the **word** might have been my issue as I use ** as a change indication.  So perhaps 2 instances bumped around a word that I wasn't seeing.  But, alas,  I changed ** to >.  Still corrupts the note when change is made on the Android and saved.

Tried Simplify Formating on the Mac as well as the Android.  Still the same. Darn the Luck ! ! !

Odd thing here is, as soon as I touch the Android version of the note to edit, the formatting goes away, even before the save.

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