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Please don't hide note list when opening a note from the sidebar



In the latest versions, the note list vanishes when one opens a note directly from the sidebar. 

This is so inconsistent -- this does not happen when you click on a note in the notes list. And it makes it very awkward to compare a favorite note (from the sidebar) with a recent note (from the notes list). And the workflow is not at all intuitive / discoverable. 

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This behaviour is totally inconsequent. Happens on all saved searches and saved tags in the sidebar. Only time the sidebar with all notes stays is when a direct note or notebook is chosen from the sidebar.

Good UX/UI is to have the same behaviour triggered when a user does the same thing. Not classify behaviours as different just because thay are implemented different technically. I see this all over in the new EN. :(

When I select/go to a list I espect a...list. Plain and simple!

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