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Copy image -> can't paste in other apps :(

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If I right-click on an image and click Copy, then I can paste within Evernote, but pasting anywhere else doesn't work :(. As Evernote has traditionally been a repository of easily-accessible things that can be used, this is problematic!

Copying images from both the Mac client and the web client is problematic, but a bit different:

If I copy from the Mac client, my clipboard viewer (from Keyboard Maestro) shows something like:


If I copy an image from the web client, the same viewer shows the actual photo.

However, if I try to paste from EITHER in another app (eg Microsoft Word), it doesn't work.

Hope this can be fixed :)

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I note that copying an image while in the editor of this forum leads to the same problem: not pastable in other apps....but copying an image from a post being viewed in this forum does work...

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I have the same problem with the latest version of evernote.  For some reason it doesn't want to work with the latest version, but when I installed and used the legacy version, copying images and pasting them anywhere doesn't seem to have any problems.  I don't know why the latest version can't do this.  Aren't updates supposed to be BETTER not worse than the previous versions?

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