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Request: Copy App Link and Copy Web Link as direct items in menu



I know that a lot of people really fought hard for the two different options under "Copy Internal Link", but I have found that putting the in a "pop out" submenu is not as convenient as having the option directly in the menu.  

Unfortunately, I find that the keyboard shortcut does not always work as intended, especially when I have multiple notes open in different windows (It doesn't always grab the link of the window that has the focus).  Also, I find it is awkward to hold down Cmd+Control+Option+C... that involves a lot of fingers.

I am not sure what else they may be adding to the "three dot" menu in the future, but I would like to see Copy App Link and Copy Web Link as two different options in the main dropdown... I can't imagine Evernote is ever planning to have more than two items in that popout menu, so just add one more to the main menu and it would be much more efficient (in my opinion)

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