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Sharing from iOS Safari doesn’t work anymore

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Since last update of iOS (iOS 14), the share sheet on the iPhone – also used by Safari –doesn’t show ‘Sharing to Evernote’ anymore. It is not possible to add Evernote to the share sheet as well.

This is major pain on an essential functionality of the reason why Evernote is (was!!!) so useful.

The functionality was available for years. And was very helpful to send web pages, pdf... to Evernote.

Let’s be clear: it is the mobile equivalent of the Web Clipper, but until now it was integrated automatically to the iOS share sheet and did not need any installation but install iOS Evernote app on your smartphone.

On top of that, Evernote Customer Service doesn’t answer tweets and is more difficult than ever to reach.

Very dissapointing. Using the service for years as an Entreprise client.

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@sdufaux @Benflamme If you search the forum, there are other threads about this.

Share works for me, not as good as web clipper on Mac or Windows, but it works (EN iOS 10.2, iOS 14.3, iPad Pro 10.5 & iPhone 11 Pro Max)

If you don’t find it, probably something went wrong with your installation. To reinstall:

  • Delete the app, choosing dump all data
  • Switch the i-device completely off, wait a little, switch on again (Apple logo must show)
  • Reinstall the app, log in, now wait until it has done the initial sync

Try in Safari if share is back. If not, select share, go to the very end in the app icons row, select more and activate EN.


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And same issue here... As this is reported months ago, I have little hope this will be fixed shortly. With all the new apps, I am more and more disappointed in EN. I pay almost $ 10 a month to get more and more disappointment. Thinking of moving to free OneNote...

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It should have it.

Open share in Safari, move the app row to the far right, hit on the 3 door icon named More. When you find EN there, activate it.

If not, welcome to the uninstall-reinstall club. 

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Sharing from Safari on iPad to EN ‘works’ when you initially share the clipping. The Evernote share dialog shows that it was ‘shared’. Going into Evernote, I would find that dozens of clips I shared from Safari where ‘syncing’ but never did. Checked on other platform and the clips were not there. Re-installed EN on iPad and now formally clipped, pending to sync Safari / iPad clippings are completely gone. Not even shown as syncing anymore. Further, the trying to share a new clipping Safari/iPad I could not locate Evernote in the list of apps to share to.  Rebooting iPad, I can now see Evernote in list of apps to share to. Shared a new clip and it appeared immediately in EN. 

What I can say here, there is very poor QA at evernote. I’ve been using it for over 8 years as a premium user, I’ve seen the product go downhill.  The forums and support are also poor. Users, paying users, ask questions and get cheerful but inaccurate answers. And very little, actual help.  Get your act together Evernote or you will lose more customers, including me.  I’m already looking to export my 1000’s of notes to another competitor.

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