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Provide a way to export notes to ENEX from web client



Long story short, I've been locked out of my desktop app due to a mysterious reason forcefully registering a browsing session and unregistering my desktop, and me having limited "unsync device" on the Basic plan.

If this was just a bug in the web client, and not an intentional dark pattern, then you should allow people to export their notes from the web client. This gives them an escape hatch to an Evernote alternative , if they've locked themselves out of the desktop app.

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20 minutes ago, isthisme said:

allow people to export their notes from the web client

Evernote has an export function, but it"s only supported on the Mac/Windows client devices   
The only cloud option I know of is cloudHQ

I moved your post to the Requests forum   


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cloudHQ seems to work - it's taking awhile to backup all of the files but it's setting up the entire thing as one big enex file in my Box account which I can download (will be importing it into Joplin and leaving Evernote once all my data has been successfully ported). I'm running Ubuntu on my computer and there is no native desktop client to export from.


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