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How about removing the monthly unsync limit for basic users until this tragedy of an upgrade is resolved?



The recent upgrade has not gone well and I feel sorry for the poor developers who were planning on a quiet holiday season.

I personally haven't found a way to work through the issues just yet.  One thing is for sure, I'm trying different versions on different devices which is putting me into a situation where I need to unsync devices.  With the monthly limit on my basic account, that creates a problem.  Adding insult to injury, the system is asking me to pay for the upgrade 😕

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1 hour ago, PinkElephant said:

Maybe they should cut the price you are paying to employ these developers in half - ooops.

OK, they could install a „donate a coffee“ option for those who just take, not give.

Snarky and short sighted.  When I leave EN they is no chance of ever getting me to pay or recommend the software. 

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And ? I doubt that you are currently a front runner to up your free to a paid account. So see it from the perspective of EN: The free model has only 2 uses that are good for the  company as well:

  • A paying users shares content, and the recipient uses a free account to handle it
  • A new user is trying the service, with a chance of conversion

What is bad is a free account that will never convert, and will ramp up a hoard of data expecting the company to take care of it on the server farm without ever seeing a nickel.

In your case very honestly I would take the chance and press for „up or out“. So you’re lucky I am just one of these dumbass paying users that finance the whole show for people on a free ride.

P.S. Just my opinion (elephants are known for honesty, not so much for politeness...).

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5 hours ago, Cygnus said:

How about removing the monthly unsync limit for basic users until this tragedy of an upgrade is resolved?

I don't think the two issues are connected

>>I'm trying different versions on different devices 

Better done with a paid account; you can subscribe for a single month

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