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Quotes as new content blocks



I'm missing this feature for years.

In many notes I'm keeping quotes from various sources:

  • Quotes from interviews, mixed with my thoughts
  • Quotes from conversation in messengers with my mates

For quotes I need a block, similar to "Code", that has two editable parts:

  1. Header, that holds meta-information, like "John Smith in Skype 2020.12.18 wrote"
  2. Body, that holds content with formatted text, images, tables, files etc.

I've created a design mockup with different variants of quote block and a new button "Quote" in "Insert" menu.

Take a look at the attached image.

Quote feature for Evernote in a block. 2020.12.18.png

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I think something like this would be very powerful combined with the ability to link directly to the block (deep linking) and reference content from other notes (transclude). It has broad applicability so I think a more general name than "Quote" would be appropriate.

In the meantime, if you collect a large number of citations, you might want to consider a dedicated research tool like Zotero which is specifically built for this purpose.

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I find people quoted across multiple books I'm reading, so I'd like to be able to filter on who said it so I can gather all their quotes together from multiple notes.

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