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Mac App Spelling Checker not working?

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I've seen this brought up on a previous post, but not sure if I'm understanding it correctly.

In the previous version of the Evernote Mac App I could use spelling check (control-click), like I can through most programs on my Mac. But with the new Mac version, even though words that look misspelled are underlined, when I control-click the dropdown I get down does not allow me to look up the word. In the previous version I could do this. I can do it on the online version but not with the Mac App. 

It seems strange that Evernote would underline what it thought were misspelled words, but then not allow me the option to easily correct them. 

Am I missing something?

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+1 Agreed. I experience the same frustrating behaviour running:-

- Catalina 10.15.7
- Evernote v 10.5.7 build 2171 public (bewerker: v114.1.14753, Service: v1.25.2)

The latest version has the new ability to 'import a folder'. Great, but i'd much rather have a text program I can spell-check with.

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MAC user
@Evernote team: This issue has been persisting for a long time now and hasn't been addressed across multiple updates. It's really strange to see a feature working in the legacy version of the app and not in its latest version.
I am sure there would be a strong reason to not include the basic auto-correct feature in the new versions. In that case, I believe it's your duty to at least acknowledge the evernote community and tell us what the issue is and whether it will be addressed. Keeping the entire community in the dark is just blasphemous and not expected of a company of the stature of evernote.

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My pages are littered with red dotted lines because I use Italian words as well as English. I used to be proud of my pages. Now they look a right mess!

I've even resorted to typing out red dotted line words onto Notes on the Mac, and then selecting them to 'ignore spelling' and then go back to Evernote so the red dotted line can go away! And even then, certain 'doctored' words still insist on the dreaded dotted red line! Pwefft! 

Is it really so difficult to incorporate an 'Ignore Spell Check' option?!! 

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Setting solely probably won‘t help anything anyway. This only will give the possibility to change the default language the chromium machine in EN v10s Electron base uses for spellcheck to another language. This will not help with multi-language texts or with special words, e.g. technical or legal.

Therefore v10 must get a full set of personalized spellcorrection features, including a user dictionary, dialogs and spellcorrection routines. That is a much thicker board to drill...

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Whether one can choose from several languages I don’t know. To handle more than one language is always difficult, especially if they are used mixed up. So there will be a limit to spell checking - but having switch it off as an option would already help in many cases.

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At long, long, long, long last! Version 10.7.6 fixes the mess of red dotted lines everywhere in my Evernote!!!

It's almost like an entire new App!! Seriously, I was looking for alternate Notes apps.. I was really this close to tearing my hairless head out.. I wonder why it took so long to sort out the Ignore Spell Check function.

Now looking forward to the day when I can have my very own coloured text (pink, maroon) back... Do not give up hope.

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On 1/10/2021 at 12:11 AM, HeBoIz said:

a full set of personalized spellcorrection features, including a user dictionary, dialogs and spellcorrection routines

I would think that a better incorporation with the existing spellchecking features of my Mac would be sufficient. This is already happening in some areas. Why not here?

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EN tries to keep the working of the new clients independent from the machine on which it is running. This leads to cases where they do not utilize features available on a single platform like MacOS.

This is just to say how it is set up - not whether this makes any sense. Where I am missing a better integration most is on the iPad - the „one for all“ mobile client falls far short of using iPadOS capabilities.

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