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[10.5.7] Merge Facility Attachment Loss and Text Changes

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Two notes stored in my Evernote with Purchase Receipt information.

1st note contains

  • a copy of the e-mail sent to Evernote
  • a copy of the source .eml attached from Apple Mail

2nd note is a Web Clip of the website page where the purchase was completed


I decided to merge them together on this occasion using the new merge process.  Finding the result to be as below, I tried the merge process with and also without the options to insert a divider/retain or remove Note titles.

The result of the merge is that the e-mail address details have text   inserted where it shouldn't be - and - the attachment of the .eml file disappears.  The .eml is present in the merged content for a short while, then, vanishes as part of the sync process I think - or at least thats how it appears.

I have fixed up the content of the newly merged note to make it right although ideally it shouldn't be necessary


Text Example Before Merge



Text Example After Merge



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