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Publicly Sharable URL to View Notes - Is Best Feature Ever - Suggested Improvements

Justin Howes


The ability to publicly and quickly share indivdual notes to anyone behind a firewall or within a strict office situation, but still with an internet browser is invaluable...   Not everyone likes using (or will use) their personal Google or Facebook credentials to log in and create an Evernote account simply to view notes via a notebook share..   

I suggest the following improvements to this feature would attract premium users:

  • Simple Personalization - Suggest allow publicly sharable URL notes to be slightly editable (for premium users), so that the Evernote logo and save note button are smaller and at the bottom of the HTML page render..  And allow a user to add their own simple default logo and select their own header bar color..   
  • The publicly shareable link could have a simple access code to provide a bit better security
  • Suggest a publicly sharable link can have an expire date set after which that it no longer works automaticaly, or a have a ticakable box in a list view so that it is more easily disabled. 


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2 minutes ago, Justin Howes said:

The ability to publicly and quickly share individual notes  ... with an internet browser is invaluable

Agreed, the public share feature is a great feature; I use it all the time   
My suggestion to Evernote is for a properly formatted link with note title and url

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@DTLow  wrote "My suggestion to Evernote is for a properly formatted link with note title and url"

I may have missed something but it doesn't seem like a good idea at this point.

Public links have a double purpose:
1/ Public sharing
2/ Sharing with people who do not have an Evernote account and do not want to have one.

In the second case, it does not seem reasonable to me to have a URL giving an idea of the contents of the note for reasons of confidentiality.

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