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(Archived) search does not find everything, but only _everything

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just tried it with EN4 for windows, but this occours to all EN versions lower than 4 as far as i remember.

i have some notes with text like

2010-10-18 10:06:10.536 [lvl=3] -[ENSyncEngine _saveLocalStoreChangesWithMergePolicy:] localStore save: returned: Error Domain=NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=133020 "The operation couldn’t be completed. (Cocoa error 133020.)" UserInfo=0x563ae00 {conflictList=(

i want to search all my notes for "saveLocalStoreChangesWithMergePolicy"

but EN only finds notes, when i search for "_saveLocalStoreChangesWithMergePolicy", (underscore at the beginning)

otherwise, it will found NOTHING.

now this was just a simple and useless example, but it shows, that EN4 does not help you very much if you do not store delicious food recipes only, but maybe some technical code, which contains characters others that A-Z and 0-9.

can you please make your search more flexible?

i love to be able to find my notes again without having every single underscore "_" in mind a term could include.

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Evernote does not search for portions of letters inside a word. This is done to maintain speed with fast indexing.

It will find "Evern", but it will not find "vernote".

The reason the search found "_saveLocalStoreChangesWithMergePolicy" was because there is a space before the word.

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