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Internet Minimum Specifications for Parameters, EN 10.3.7, 10.4.4 and above

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I've had an open support ticket on this item since Nov 16 (Ticket# 3205058). I'm running MacMini, 11.1, Have EN 10.5.7 Build 2171

This post has to do with the degree to which my ISP's signal contributes to lags in EN performance speed.  I'm trying to get the technical information without rant or opinion.

  • What are the VERIFIED (not theoretical) EN 10.4/10.5 minimum limits for data transfer rate (MB/s Up & Down), "jitter"(ms), latency (ms) and packet loss%
  • How does EN handle data flow during below minimum conditions. 

I have other online apps that behave poorly during high jitter, long latency and high packet loss.  Particularly when there is input data exchange going on between my system and secure forms - like banking transactions, online ordering. I have exactly 1 reasonable option for an ISP.  If I can confirm that iNet signal is the main problem, I'll just switch to the Legacy version and speed up my hunt for EN alternatives while putting some pressure on my ISP.

My issue is similar to many forum posts I've read. I didn't notice the issue until 10.3.7.  It has to do with the jerky/erratic appearance of text being entered into an EN note.  Delays ranging from noticeable to 2 second delay between keystroke and its appearance within the EN.   It syncs perfectly with the new "saving"/ "all changes saved" dialog in the lower right of the note.  I first noticed it in 10.3.7, and then 10.4.4 and with no specific cause known, I expect it will pop up in 10.5 as well.  It is not systematic or reproducible - seems to happen randomly and for various lengths of time. I did notice that the new "saving"/ "all changes saved" dialog in the lower right of the note synced perfectly with the "jerky" behavior.  I'm guessing that "all changes saved" means that the data is confirmed to be saved to the cloud database - but I don't know that.  I noticed that when the amount of time "saving" increased, my lag in keyboard entry also increased. 

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