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Upgraded now Evernote literally stopped working

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Evernote went ahead and installed its automatic update (...ummm... yeah, thanks for that)... and now the program crashes within a few seconds of launching.

To be clear, I was already using the newest 10 version, and was really hoping this new upgrade would fix things (like maybe enabling the PREFERENCES again?!) but no, it just completely crashed evernote, which I need for work. Now I'm losing time and money because you guys decided to do an automatic upgrade.


I want a refund for the past month (throughout which the program has been pretty much unusable) and three months free because this incident is a colossal waste of my time and business. During those few months I will be transitioning to a different piece of software that have some kind of common sense and basic respect for their own customers, let alone respect for its own product. 

If you do not refund I will initiate a chargeback on my card because your software has not been working properly and I am done being scammed by your utterly clueless and pathetically mismanaged company. 

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Except that there is an available method of carrying on with version 6.25 without being troubled by the new version and its changes. You'll have heard the revert to the legacy version mantra.  Sounds like this would enable you to carry on working without disruption. You can even have both versions if you want keep watch on how version 10 is developing.

Doubt you'll get a chargeback through since the dispute isn't about lack of provision of the service. Even if you do, you'll presumably find your account moved to Basic and lost some of the functions you might want to use.

Best to get the legacy and negotiate with EN direct over the refund you wish. These forums are for peer support so I doubt very much you'll get any traction here on a refund.

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