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Ctrl-/ does not work in German UI

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On German keyboards (and maybe some other not-US or not-EN), the Slash character is placed above key "7". You have to press Shift-7 to type a "/". So it is impossible to reach Strg-/. Strg-Shift-7 doesn't help.

Workaround: You have to click Hilfe -> Tastenkombinationen to display the list of keyboard shortcut list window (which is an important window this time 😉)

But: this window hides the right side of the Top List View and the Note window - which makes it impossible to use commands just under the window 😞.

Good practice would be to either place this window floating outside EN's main window or foldable at the right side (like the left Side bar is already).


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Yes, I also recognized it that way...

Same goes for left-align text 'shift + command + {' and right-align text 'shift + command + }' on german keyboards... you cannot press '{' and '}' on its own. (At least for Mac)

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Absolutely agree, I found it somehow funny to find out, that even the initial keyboard-shortcut to open the shortcut list does not work for all german users. Unfortunately localization has no priority for Evernote since EN 10 as already seen with the premature spell checker since months or the incomplete localization of the whole gui with a lot of english terms not being translated (at least in german version). I reported this weeks ago. Nothing happens.

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Zur Info: Habe eine Liste nicht funktionierender Kürzel und Funktionen zusammengestellt und werde sie weiter pflegen wenn mir etwas auffällt:

Ich gehe mal davon aus, das EN-Team, das für die Übersetzungen zuständig ist, kann auch damit umgehen 😉

Keine Angst: Ich habe sie mit Notion erstellt weil auch ich mich umgeschaut hatte - und von allen sich anbiedernden Alternativen lediglich einzelne Features toll fand. Sobald es auch in EN mal Toggled-Lists gibt, werde ich auch Notion wieder "den Hasen geben" 😜

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Link changed to Notion-created page. Sorry - but until it will be possible build such list as easy as there, I'll continue for that with EN...
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Can't test it because I'm still on legacy but for comparison:

With DropBox Paper the fly-in-info-box for shortcuts and markdown-formating-codes can be launched on German keyboards as well with STRG+#

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