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Switching between accounts is no more possible with two windows

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Legacy allows to switch user (accounts). By switching to an other account, a second EN window opens without closing the initial one.

EN-10 allows to switch user - but closes the initial one before opening the other (and this takes tooo long...)

Problem: I'm used to have two accounts open (private and business) and move them to different desktops (Win-Tab...). This is not possible so far with EN-10 and is one of my basic needs to move to EN-10.

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To extend/clarify: If you have an EN-10 window open und attach it to all desktops, the new window (after changing the account) will be attached only to the current desktop. This is completely unusable.

The only way to get this solved (by EN) is to allow having multiple EN main windows (one per account) or switching accounts with an ever-living EN main window (as it was implemented long time ago).

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Yes, I have this as a minor issue.  For now I have the legacy app so it isn't a significant problem.  I'd probably run a browser window for my second account if I needed to do so.  But it isn't a particular inconvenience for me.  I could see that it could become so...

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