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Help pls! Cannot find very old version of a note


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Hello all!! I would love any help or advice with this, I appreciate any that I get... I had been using evernote since 2014, making notes of everything my baby did almost everyday of his life. In 2015 I notice that most of those notes had been deleted. I was very upset and at the time didn't realise I could restore it. Fast forward to now. I had a free trial of the paid evernote, downloaded all of the enex files available for that note. I checked them all and none of them have the version with the early baby notes I was looking for. I check the date of the notes and it says it was made in 2015. I know I was writing in evernote since 2014 when my baby was born. I've checked the deleted notes as well looking for anything.... Please help. I'm desperate and upset. I have no idea where to go from here :-(

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