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Bug in Version 10.5.6 - Reminder Info not showing for "Cards" view

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With "Cards" view selected for Note List and "Show reminders" selected for Note Preview (see attached), the reminder information for notes is not shown for each note as it is when the "Snippets" view is selected. Please fix accordingly.  Thank You.

V.10.5.6 Reminder Bug.png

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Addition information on the "Reminders Info" Bug I posted earlier.  After further testing, it appears the images in each of the notes are actually covering up the Reminders Information as proven by the Test Note containing no image. 

10.5.6 Add On.png

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I can confirm this behaviour. I also get a version where the reminder info is partially obscured:


Switching to dark mode reveals that it's a blown up twitter icon!


So I suspect that EN is putting the image over the reminder info but respecting the alpha mask in the png file.

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