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Share Notebook isn't working. I followed all the steps, it doesn't show up...


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Hello. I have scoured these forums, the help files and the web for help with troubleshooting this. Bupkis.

I want to share a Notebook with a family member who is new to Evernote. I set up an account for her on her iPad.

I went to my Evernote on my iOS device to the Notebook in question and went through the share process, and it gave an error message.

So I went to my desktop Evernote and went through the share process both for a single note and for the Notebook, and it says it is now shared to this family member.

I go back to the iPad, and it Does. Not. Show. Up. Quit the app, restarted, refreshed the page, logged out and back in, etc. etc. Bupkis. iPad is latest upgrade and so is the install of the Evernote app on the device.

Does anyone know how to make this work??? Super frustrated and ANNOYED how much TIME I have spent trying to make this work. I have shared other Notebooks in the past with other people on iOS or desktop without a problem. Is the iPad a known issue?


Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy! Happy holidays.

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I'm definitely not that experienced but thought I'd try to help!

- Have you tried accessing Evernote Web on the iPad using the mobile web browser? Not ideal, but may work if she needs to access the note immediately.

- Have you tried recreating both the note and notebook? Perhaps see if sharing a different note will work.

Sorry you are having this trouble!

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