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Not scanning to selected notebook 10.4.4

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I used to select a notebook, scan, and doc would be put in selected folder. After installing 10.4.4 it started putting them into a notebook that was named pocoman54's Notebook. I thought that might be a new default folder so I looked around and changed the default to say Notebook "A". subsequent scans went there. If i selected a Notebook "B" and scan it still goes to default. This is a pain.

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12 minutes ago, pocoman54 said:

This is not fixed in latest 10.5.7 release. I wish they would fix this!!!

But it isn't seen as broken. I don't find this to be a major issue but I realise others do. My workflow with Evernote 6 was often to scan and then access the note and move it to the folder it should have gone to. Occasionally I would have been using the desired desitination notebook but rarely. So I find the option to open the note in its current folder is more or less the way I've always worked.

Given the major challenges that scanning originally had in v10 it may be that this isn't something that can be easily resolved or it may require the promised return of Import Folders. Who can say. I'm pretty certain this isn't changing soon.

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