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Permanently Delete Tag


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Click on TAGS on left navigation panel... a popout  list of all the tags should appear at that point if you have update from yesterday...find tag you want to delete...click on three dots to right of tag ... several options appear including delete

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I've tried the web version and the Mac desktop version.  The three dots are not there.  I can't delete a tag, and I also can't edit a tag name.  I've been a Premium Evernote user for years and never have had this problem before.

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I'm am using Premium Evernote (personal) v. 10.6.9 on Windows 10 Pro.  I have tried every suggestion I have found on the forum for removing unused tags.  Nothing works.  I even tried dragging and dropping an empty tag to Trash.  Nope.  I tried starting Evernote as an admin, but that did not work, either.

I can understand needing an admin to delete tags for a business account, but it should not be this difficult in a personal account.

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If anyone is still having issues, this works for me:

You have to click on the Tags header at the top of all your tags. A list of tags will then come up to the right and then, you can click on the ellipses (the three dots) by your tag, which finally allows you to delete it.

This is cumbersome and unintuitive. It should happen in the main sidebar, but it works for now.

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