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Checkbox with more than two status



Hi, today, a checkbox has only two status. Checked and Unchecked. It would be quite nice to have more different status. Like quadrants, for instance, which lead to 5 different levels. (equivalent to 0%, 25% 50% 75% 100%)

It would easier to check the progress of some projects/todo etc...

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I would also like to promote this idea. Evernote could be the first at implementing something completely new.

My example is for my shopping list I currently perform on paper. The list is comprised of items I normally want to keep in stock. Each item has a clear circle which I fill in with pencil reflecting its status.

Clear = enough on hand.

1/3 filled = buy more if on sale

2/3 filled = buy if available or at that store

Filled = completely out (buy ASAP)

The advantages:

I never have to recreate the list, and can always add another item, or even "one time" purchases.

I also have items grouped based upon the type of store. (ie: groceries, automotive, electronics, etc.)

I just erase the pencil when I have correct stock on hand. Or reduce the filled in portion if not enough were available.

I can purchase effectively by prioritizing the filled circles first.

I also like the OP's idea of multi levels for simple project steps status levels.

Please consider a way to add "multi-level checkboxes".


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10 hours ago, glenn59 said:

Please consider a way to add "multi-level checkboxes".

Provided you use check boxes (not a checklist) you can have multiple checkboxes in a row. I think this would give you what you want.


Note the period at the beginning of each line to prevent EN converting your checkbox into a checklist.

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