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Saves Searches Involving Date References ("Today," for example)

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I am running Evernote Windows Version 10+ on my computers and the legacy app on my Android phone.

I have a saved search that returns notes created today (created:day) and another that returns notes updated today (updated:day-0). (I also have similar ones that return that info for the last 2 days, 3 days, and week, but let's just use these 2 ). I've used these two saved searches for years and they return correct results.

The results I get on my the Windows search and the Android search are different from each other. Last night, I was seeing Windows miss notes that the Andoird app returned.

This morning, I started by creating a junk note (so that that was the one and only thing either created or updated today)and ran the following test:

1)  I ran this search: updated:day and expected it to find 1 note. Windows returned the correct note along with 5 notes updated yesterday. The Android legacy app retturned the 1 note created this morning. 

2) I ran this search: created:day and expected to find 1 note. Windows and Android both returned the same one note.

3) I ran this search: created:day-1 and expected to find 2 notes...the test note I created for this experiment and the one and only note I created yesterday. The Android legacy returned those two notes. Windows returned those 2 AND 1 from the evening of Dec. 13. (Today is December 15.) I also ran this search as follows: created:20201214 and got the same result with Widnows... the note created today (Dec. 15) and note created yesterday (Dec. 14) and a note created at 6:40PM on Dec. 13.

Obviously, the same saved search should be returning the same results regardless of the platform or version.  I am wondering if the search is somehow looking at not only the DATE but the TIME as it returns hits. In other words, a search performed on the morning of Dec. 15 for "day-1" should be searching for notes results from Dec. 14 or later. I wonder if it's searching for notes from the past 48 HOURS (or some other number of hours). I also wonder if there is a time zone error.

I also wonder (lots of wondering going on this morning) if there has been a change in the syntax language used in Version 10.

Has anyone worked enough with saved searches involving day references to shed some light?



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