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Database allocated 13 Gb of disk space! And there are no tools to compact db!!! What the f^^&?!?!

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Version 10 is big failure of EverNote. I hope we would not to tell "huge failure" after some time. I hope you fix these critical bugs.

My db allocated 13.2 Gb of disk space! And EvernNote about to be deadly slow. In previous version there were tools - when hold [Ctrl] key and click "Help" menu there were additional menu items displayed which allows to compact/optimize db. In version 10 there are no such tools!

So, for sure - this is big problem! 

Please return back the tools to fix/optimize db.


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My EN v10 data occupies slightly less than my v6.25 data folders. 1.17gB compared to 1.31gB.

But this isn't a great comparison since the data stored on my PC is entirely different. There isn't a database in v10 that is the same as in v6.25. The primary data store is in the cloud - not on the local machine. The largest contributor to disk space use in EN v10 for me is the resource-cache folder which holds local copies of note attachments.

Database compaction isn't an option, I think, because the data isn't stored in that means. Perhaps delete the data directory for v10. Restart the program and let it rebuild itself.

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3 hours ago, PinkElephant said:

And ... 

13GB can be a lot, 13GB can be too little. Any comparison ?

To compare:

* when I select all notes and export to *.enex file in v6.x the file size = 270Mb.

* notes db size in version 6.x took maximum 2.5Gb, after db optimized db size is ~0.9 Gb.

So, it is too big difference comparing to the data of all notes.

Especially taking into account that 99% of my notes is only a text, in some exceptional cases with small pictures (like 300x200px).
So, 13Gb in my case - that is really too much.


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