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Stack open after restarting application

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Hello! Here's the issue: whenever I open Evernote, there are some notebook stacks that open automatically, even if I close them before closing the application. It's annoying because I've got many stacks as well as notebooks, so I have to manually close them to get to the stack I'm working on. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you!


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OK - when you open Evernote for Windows you should see a standard view with three panels.  The left-hand panel lists stacks and notebooks,  and the right-hand two are a list of notes and a note content display.  The view certainly used to default to the last note you were working on before Evernote closed.  If this is not what you are seeing,  can you provide a screenshot of how the layout looks to you? 

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Thank you for your reply gazumped.

Yes, if I have a certain note open EV will remember that next time I start up. But the funny thing is, it will also open certain stacks, even though I did not touch any note in there the previous time I used EV.

As you can see in the screenshot, those stacks were open on start-up, even if I closed them before exiting the application and resetting the pc.


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