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Constant request to unsync devices and now locked out



On my Mac using chrome and my android using app, keeps asking for me to login and then unsync devices.   I can't exactly remember but there was a third device, which I'm not sure what that might be.  But my two primaries I told the system but it still is asking me to login again and pay.  I hope this isn't my having to find another app.   


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I started having the same issue after installing Evernote on my laptop. I couldn't use Evernote on my PC, laptop or web because in all three, a blank window kept popping up (which never loaded) and closed shortly after, only to pop up again shortly after in an infinite cycle. I assume this was the window to unsync devices, which simply didn't load in all those 3 platforms. Luckily I had Evernote synced on my phone also, and I was able to unsync both the laptop and web apps from there, leaving only the PC and phone. Now it works.

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I am having similar issues.

After using Evernote for years, logging into the web interface is now knocking my iPhone app off of the 'authorized access' list.

It does this without prompting me to remove my iphone (which I would never do)

Then, when I try to re-sync my iphone, Evernote forces me to unsync a device and tells me I can only do it a limited amount of times.

This new restriction is horrible and also seems like it has a bug. 

Web access was never considered a "sync" device in the past, now it is. Plus, it gives you no warning that it will be removing a device.

It only warns you when you try to put the device back. 

If this isn't corrected quickly, it may be time to move on to another app. 

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Hi ,

I have the same issue. I use Evernote on 2 devices. (Macbook Pro and iPhone)

Recently Evernote has been asking me to login on those two devices. The action of logging in then sends me to a browser environment, which then triggers Evernote to say "hey you are now using a new device". Then after this happened twice and had to unsync "the browser" twice, now Evernote tells me I exceeded the limit of unsyncing devices. So basically I can't use Evernote anymore unless I pay. Pretty disappointed with that.


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