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I am a paying user and have renewed Evernote for several years.

As you can see, I am facing problem here. Every after I view and install certificate, it does not work.

This is frustrating. I am unwilling to upgrade to the latest version because it has too many missing features.

If version 6 is no longer getting supported nor the latest version getting upgrades to put it on par with version 6; I may have to ditch Evernote for another software. 


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Hi that looks like it's more of an issue with your antivirus or firewall than anything to do with Evernote.  I have a secure system,  but no such messages from Evernote v6.  When did you first see this message and what updates/ changes may have been made to your system at around that time? 

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I'm having the same issue today. It just started. No configuration changes to my Windows 10 Pro PC, no AV changes.. I can't access anything in Evernote.. this is bad. So what certificate is this referring to? I was able to create notes and sync yesterday.. Today, I get this, below.


cert details.JPG


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All these certificates IMHO have nothing to do with EN. 

Reading to whom they were issued, it reads „miwifi.com“ and „myrouter.io“. 

To me this looks like certificates exchanged somewhere along the network chain of devices. Certificates are used to verify one device is talking to a trustworthy second device on the network, and to encrypt network traffic agains eavesdropping.

They may appear when trying to reach the EN server, but I doubt they are related to the „far“ side of the communication. I think something is wrong in the own local network. Since there are trillions of possible network device and protocol combinations, I don’t think a remote troubleshooting is possible.

It is possible as well that a) a tiny Windows update caused the problem b) a certificate that worked all of the time expired meanwhile, without being replaced in due time c) a device in the network was infected by malware, causing a certificate conflict.

Troubleshooting this is probably no fun …

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