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Ux: Keyboard up/down to change selected note

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In the Notebook column in Mac version 10.4.4, using Up/Down keys will move the selection up/down as expected, but does NOT refresh the visible note in the pane to the right.

Contrast with selection via mouse click updates the "Note" in the right pane.

Using keyboard selection, you CAN press ENTER to refresh the note being viewed, but prior to this the UI is miss-representing the combination of selected note and note on view. This is particularly troublesome combined with the number of copies of notes the new version sometimes creates which need reviewing to find the most up to date version whilst deleting redundant copies.

This issue apparently appears in the PC version too:


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When the note list is in focus the title will be surrounded by a blue box. This will turn grey if you shift the focus to the note contents.

According to the new set of shortcuts (can see full list using cmd-/) cmd-| will move the focus back to the note list and restore the up/down arrows to move through the list of notes. 

(NB the | character is the vertical bar character above the return key—first time in 45 years that I have used this key!)


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