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Upgrade from Plus to Premium doesn't work (bought via Google Playstore)

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Hi guys, 

I am desperately trying to update from plus to premium, but this seems to be a real challenge.

The plus account was booked via Google Playstore. I learned that I have to cancel that one to be able to get Premium (inconventient enough). 
But even after cancelling the old suscription and trying to book a premium account won't work! I am stuck in the same limbo. I end up at the billing page
with no options whatsoever to change / pick up a new suscription.

In the Google playstore I can only re-activate my Plus account as option. So how in the world I can get the premium version?

Any help is appreciated. Feel free to move the topic to a forum that fits better.

Thanks in advance,



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Have the exact same problem.  No evident solution.  When selecting Upgrade, it flashes, leaves the page, and goes to the billing tab with no way to do the upgrade.

Tried it through itunes, and it shows it took the payment, but product did not upgrade.

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Hi Andre N.,

I've got exactly the same problem. I did write to Evernote Support. It takes quite a long time for them to respond but so far their suggestions were unworkable.

What was their solution to your problem if you don't mind sharing?

Thank you,


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I think that you are stuck waiting until your subscription expires with Google. Then you can resubscribe at Premium. You may suffer a few hours at the Free rate while everything goes through.

For sure, contact support and open a billing ticket. They will tell you what to do.

Personally, I'm not favourable towards subscribing via Google Play given the challenges of can create.

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