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Restore Missing Shared Notebooks



After all of my notes were sent to the trash yesterday, I was happy to see them restored - thanks CalS! Everything looked good until today, when my wife noticed that five of her notebooks that she shared with me were empty. The notes are not in my trash and not in her trash. In my EN, the notebooks and the notes are missing. On her account, the notebooks are there but the notes are missing. She has a computer that was off; I booted it and quickly switched to airplane mode. I copied her Database folder. Because this computer has not yet synced, the five missing notebooks and all their notes are there. Once that computer connects to the internet, I assume the notes will disappear. What is the better way to restore these notes:

1) Create new notebooks and copy the notes to the newly created notebooks
2) Somehow restore the missing notes from the Database folder/EXB
3) Something else

Thank you in advance for your advice and assistance.

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