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I have logged out of my account in the Evernote App and have tried to log back in and I get the following error:

Error Error sign in.

How do I fix this?

I've tried the following:

  • Updated Evernote to the latest verison.
  • Deleted and reinstalled Evernote.
  • Turned my phone off and on.
  • Tried logging into another account.
  • Tried signing in through google which brings me to the google screen where i put my details in and then it brings me back to the Evernote log in screen and the continue button no longer works.

My IOS version is: 12.1.2.

It's really annoying considering Evernote doesn't let you do a mobile web based version of Evernote, so if the App doesn't work I am kind of SOL on my phone.

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Has anyone found a resolution? I've had the same issue since Friday 12/11/20. Changed pw and get "Error, Error sign in." Only can login on MacBook desktop versions or web versions. I've tried other suggestions of simpler pw, pw sans characters, un/reinstalling, login with username (vs email) all to no avail.  

iPhone iOS 13, EN version 8.24.6

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exact same problem on my iphone, 12/19/2020. Getting the "Error, Error sign in" message. tried uninstalling/reinstalling, changing password, shutting off iphone and restarting, etc. No problems on macbook or the web app.

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I lost my ability to log into the Evernote app on my iPhone.  When I put in my password, I get this message:  "Error Error sign in OK".  I click OK and nothing happens.  What do I need to do to log in?

Just adding my voice to those above.

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Hi all I started a request on Twitter a couple weeks ago and finally got support through email on 12/24. Will update. Here are the 3 forum posts that seem to encompass this issue which I think has to do with those running the earlier iOS 13 versions (pre-13.2) which limits you to Evernote version 8.24.6

https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/132187-issue-logging-in-across-evernote-versions-cant-log-in-to-ipad-8246-but-credentials-work-fine-for-iphone-102-and-mac-104/  (^Use this one to post going forward please so we can consolidate those w/ the issue into 1 topic!)


Are others running iOS 13.0, 13.1 with Evernote version 8.24.6? You can check EN version in Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Evernote. This problem seems to have begun around 12/11/20 and appears that web and desktop versions are unaffected. Also, neither changing password nor redownloading app resolves the "Error Error sign in" issue. Please use the 1st forum post ("Issue logging in across evernote...") as it is listed in the correct version category on the forums ("Versions 8.24.6 and under").


Evernote (Error Error sign in).jpeg

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