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Subscription - confusion over new pricing

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Might be an obvious question but I can't see the answer anywhere so far. I'm subscribed as a Premium user via iTunes and have  set my annual subscription to expire when it ends on 6th January.

The price (if I wanted to start again) is still showing in the App Store on my iPhone as £3.99 per month or £34.99 per year (which I've been paying for some years now). It's showing this as a current price if I resubscribe.

Pricing on the Evernote website is showing £4.99 per month, or £59.88 per year. Is this some sort of deal for existing users, or would it change to the higher price if I reactivate the subscription?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Hi.  An interesting conundrum - in a way you're lucky that this is a (mainly) user-supported forum,  in that while you might get away with a lower price if you just reactivate the subscription,  you almost certainly won't if you ask Evernote about it.  They do have deals which expire after a year at a lower rate,  but I don't know of any concession that gives that level of discount on premium (and I've been a subscriper for 10+ years) that lasts for more than one year.  I think Evernote would recommend that you renew via their website and leave the iTunes payment to expire.

There's only a loose connection between the two companies - hence why they may have outdated payment details - but I'd also suggest you make a decision very soon,  because if you miss the payment date your account will revert to Basic.  It takes iTunes a few working days to advise Evernote that the payments have gone through,  and as you may have noticed there are not too many of those left between now and January 4th!!

If necessary it will be possible to reactivate your subscription (direct to the company) quickly through the Evernote app,  but if you want to pay iTunes you'll have to get in touch with them and they'll have to contact Evernote...  better to avoid that as a potential time-suck in the new year!

Hope you make the lower price if you decide to go ahead 😉

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After a little more research I'm wondering if what I have may be "plus" (no longer available to purchase since 2018) not "premium", even though it's always said "premium". The differences seem to include ability to search PDFs which definitely still works, even on newly created PDFs.

Might be an anomaly worth taking advantage of, though I'm still torn about renewing or switching to Joplin instead.

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Oops - sorry:  should have said:  AFAIK if you do qualify as 'PLUS' you'll be able to continue at that level for the future,  but you're showing here as a premium user,  not a plus;  and I have seen posts from other plus users come up with that as a label.  All of which is subjective,  because Evernote / the forums might have changed the rules somewhere,  somehow and who knows... you may or may not get that cool price when the date comes due.  Let us know if you go for it!!

(And there's that thing about 'better the devil you know' when it comes to changing horses mid-stream...)

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