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Color differences across platforms



One of my pet peeves with the old Evernote was that colors and formatting weren't consistent across platforms (in my case, Windows, Android, web). I was under the impression that moving to a single code base was intended to create a consistent UX across platforms.

I see that we still have differences between platforms, though. I've only tried a few colors, but there's a clear difference in at least two. Is there a reason we can't have consistency? I also see that we have 13 color choices for Android, but 14 for web and Windows, not counting "Auto."

I'm not a programmer, so maybe there's a straightforward reason for the discrepancy. I'm completely open to being educated if there's a technical reason that it's impossible or difficult to use the same colors across platforms. I just want to understand.




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This drives me crazy too!

I spend a lot of time setting the text colour on one device, then carefully copy/pasting that text before editing it on another device to try and keep the colour consistent across a note - but even that doesn't work all the time, with seemingly random colour changes that then seem to become "sticky" and hard to fix.

I'm ok with whatever colour palette we get, but I just want it to be the same on every device!

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Agreed. I may reach out to EN support to see if they'll provide any insight. Based on the un-scientific metric of forum engagement, it seems this is not something bothering a lot of people, so I don't expect it to be at the top of the EN priority list.

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