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Moving Evernote from and older win 10 64bit pc to a new one

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I'm moving to a new windows 10 pc.  I simply (?) want to be able to backup my local copy of the EN database so that when I reinstall it on the new pc, I can have all the data there PRIOR to going online.  

I'm pretty paranoid about going online before I have all my data available and before installing all my security programs (everything has been downloaded including EN).  Once those are all in place, THEN I'll go online and and install all my other software.

Thinking out loud, if I do this, then will my local copy sync with the online copy or will there be conflicts?

TIA for any help or response.


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Best way may be to get everything set up the way you want on the new box and then install EN.  Might be best to download whatever version you are currently using.  After you sign in your data base will be downloaded and a new EXB created.  If you have any local notebooks you can export them by notebook and then import into EN on the new box.  


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