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Note title not shown in windows title bar when note is opened in separate window (10.4.4)

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When I open notes in separate windows, these windows sometimes have no title (blank). The title is shortly flashing upon opening the note...then blank title bar. Obviously this makes navigating between several evernote windows difficult. I cannot figure out, why this only happens to some notes - not all.

Example (note is opened in separate window), the title bar keeps blank  but would have to say "Überblick" beside the green elephant. This behaviour happens with dark and bright mode.



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2 hours ago, agsteele said:

The title 'Cockpit'  is correctly shown where you have it in the screen image.  This may not be where you, intuitively, expect it but what you see is the way EN 10 has been designed.

I think that the issue is that it does not appear as the title of the window. This also appears in the icon in the toolbar so is actually quite useful.  I can't reproduce the issue so compare my screen shot.


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Exactly @Mike P, I have some notes where the titel bar of the window stays blank beside the elephant. These seem to be often and recently edited notes. Notes from the past or never edited notes show the normal title bar as Mike P shows in his screen shot. Interesting: when opening these notes, the  correct title is short visible for around 1 second, then is wiped out to blank title bar. Strange behaviour. Have opened a bug ticket. 

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  • Alxa changed the title to Note title not shown in windows title bar when note is opened in separate window (10.4.4)

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