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Retain Names of Files Sent to Evernote from Doxie Software ... AS PRIOR VERSIONS OF EVERNOTE DID



Hi. I've been a long time user of Doxie scanner and Evernote. Until the latest Evernote upgrade, when I sent a file from Doxie to Evernote it appeared in a new item whose title was the file name I assigned in Doxie and the file sent retained the filename assigned in Doxie. This made for a good workflow and was logical. Now Evernote apparently changes the filename and the new item to something that is totally non-nonsensical. I asked Doxie about this, and they said the "new" Evernote was to blame. If so, PLEASE CHANGE TO WORK AS IT DID BEFORE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

While the new features are nice, dropping this seemingly file/note naming feature is a significant inconvenience (i.e., "time suck") and damages a workflow that you have supported for YEARS AND YEARS. I'm sure that I'm not the only one displeased with how this now works.

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2 minutes ago, dctsct said:

I'm sure that I'm not the only one displeased with how this now works.

Hi.  I don't know how many Doxie + Evernote users there are,  or how many would want to use the scanner filename rather than an assigned name,  but I don't think it's going to be a significant number.  You can, actually,  fix the issue at least temporarily by using the legacy version for scanning jobs and the new one for other tasks.  In the meantime I'd recommend a support request to get one of the engineers to look through your setup to see what's causing your issue.  In my experience the filename becomes the note title regardless of whatever temporary label the scanner applies.



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To add my two-pence worth... The EN devs have worked very hard to resolve the scanning issues with the ScanSnap scanners and software.  It required changes by both ScanSnap and Evernote.  So I do get the document name as the note name with ScanSnap. As @gazumped says, given that there may not be so many Doxie users in the system your request may not be so high on the fix agenda. Using the legacy version may be your best option for the time being.

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