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Images in my Notes do not load

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In fact I don’t care, not about PlayStore feedback, not about v8/v10 questions. I am a user, among other users, and when I can help I do. 

If v8 does the job for you, use it. If v10 does it, use it. I am on mobile using iOS clients, there is no downgrading option in iOS. You love it or you hate it, but you use it. Fortunately the iOS client is running pretty good. But on desktop I have v10 and legacy installed, and use both. What works for you ? I don’t know, hope it does.

We should in the forum just accept that our forum admin is not the company he is working for. He is mainly here for us users, feeding us with information, keeping spammers out of the door (not a small feat !) and in some cases catching a ball and dropping it on the right desk in EN HQ. And that is the core of my above answer to your post.

Sleep well, my friend, it must be already the new day in Turkey.

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Just an update to this thread: new EN 10.15: tested on two devices = no change. Bug still persistent there. In the change log they only concentrate on new features (task improvements). Not being able to see the images captured via Evernote is the show stopper before all enhancements they made 😞

I would really like to see some new words from @Shane D.that there is any work on this going on. We have this bug since 10.0.

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Thanks for all confirming this bug here in the forums and in play store comments. I would strongly please all affected users to raise tickets on this to give Evernote more input and logs to find that out. I don't know what prevents them from displaying simple images but they seem to have a hard time to figure it out (on Android). Your help is very welcome 🙂

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I tested around with two devices and version 10.16 which is rolled out right now. Tested - as always for this thread - with fresh installations on middle class Samsung devices (smartphone and tablet). Opening heavily image loaded notes throughout my notebooks. Until now the image displaying never failed with 10.16. Can we have some hopes, that this issue was finally resolved? 🙂

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2 minutes ago, Alxa said:

Şu anda piyasaya sürülen iki cihaz ve sürüm 10.16 ile test ettim. Bu konu için her zaman olduğu gibi, orta sınıf Samsung cihazlarında (akıllı telefon ve tablet) yeni kurulumlarla test edildi. Defterlerimde yoğun şekilde görüntü yüklü notlar açıyorum. Şimdiye kadar görüntü görüntüleme 10.16 ile hiçbir zaman başarısız olmadı. Bu sorunun nihayet çözüldüğüne dair biraz umudumuz olabilir mi? 🙂

Ekler acılıyor mu ? 

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Hi everybody

I have the same problem. I have Android 10 on a Huawei P20 Pro smartphone and my old images do not render after actualizing Evernote to version 10.18. Another problem is that this new version does not allow to create a direct access for a book of notes from the device window, and in general it runs much slower than the previous version. Is there any way to return to the previous version?

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In Windows client I created a test note with 2 same pictures. First one is "view as attachment" and the second one "view as image":


I can open both pictures on my Windows client without a problem.

On the Android client 10.18 (1118144) if I click on the attached picture nothing happens. File is just downloaded (no more cloud icon) and it won't open. If I click on the second image it opens as expected.


Basic function that is not working.

PDF files on other hand are working fine.

Does anyone else has this problem?

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Did some more testing. I created a test note in Android app and added 2 pictures (same as in note above).


"view as attachment" photo is not possible to open.

If I change it to image, I can open it.


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3rd test with .jpg file.


Same story... attached picture won't open.

If I save (download) attached picture on my phone I can open it. So the file is there it just won't open inside the EN Android app.

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