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Suddenly I have lost access to all my notes going back many years on my laptop and my evernote Premium status has been set back to Basic

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I have used Evernote for many years and upgraded to Premium  a couple of years ago. I hardly ever use the web version.  When I click on the evernote icon  on my computers it has always displayed my notes with out requiring a login.  Now when I start evernote I am presented with a login prompt. When I try and login with my web  user-id / password I  just end up with with an initial evernote account with no notes.  So I have no access via my laptop or the web and my second computer I need to travel to.

I acknowledge  and that others have reported similar problems.  However :

 1/ I first of all need to get my Premium account acknowledged by Evernote  so I can raise  a support request and  have full access to the web and two computers. If you check my May 2020 payment you will see the 2020 payment. If I omitted to pay please tell me and will make the payment.

 2/ I then need to get access to my notes again.  

I am no longer an experienced computer user  and I keep all my key documents on Evernote. And i need some medical authority codes urgently.  


So HELP !.  Thanks Mike Hill

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Hi.  You currently show as a Basic user,  so beware using Evernote on any device except one computer for the moment,  otherwise you may be locked out for 'too many devices'.  You may be able to get back your access by using Evernote.com and following the 'Lost / Forgotten Password' link,  because it sounds like you may have inadvertently created a new Basic account when logging in previously.  We're a mainly user-supported forum,  so can't help with passwords - if the lost password link doesn't help,  please check back here and send a direct message to @Shane D. (hover your mouse pointer over that link and click on 'message') to give him your email address - he's our Admin and may be able to sort something out for you!

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