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Implement Android Custom Tabs

Paul A.


Crosspost from Android 10 issues forum as this is both an issue (regression in functionality compared to the previous Evernote for Android) and a functionality request.

Tl; DR: Evernote should use the standard Android functionality called "custom tabs" to allow sharing state with the primary browser, so that webpages remember who you are and you don't need to log in over and over and over again. Custom tabs also provide a menu option for opening a link in your main browser, which is handy in case you want to keep that link in a browser tab to reference later.


There are a number of problems with how EN has implemented opening links from within the new Evernote for Android 10.0:

  1. Evernote is not leveraging standard Android functionality (i.e. Android Custom Tabs) for opening the web link.
  2. As a result of the  custom solution used in 10.0, the opened link does not share state with the default browser. This means that sites which appear as "logged in" on one's default browser will ask us to log in. Again and again and again. Very time consuming and frustrating.
  3. Another side effect is there is no way to open the link in one's default browser, which is incredibly useful. I often want to toggle between a browser and more than one Evernote note and this isn't possible in the current implementation.

If Evernote used the standard Android functionality (Android Custom Tabs), they would get all of the above functionality automatically.

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