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Home Screen Note is needed now



Evernote Team,


I just installed the IOS on my Android phone. Now one of the most important feature no longer works. I need to be able to save note icons on my home screen of my phone. Now all the icons no longer work. Can someone please help with this?


I actually use this function every time I used Evernote on my phone. Now it will take me longer to find my key notes. Before I would just click my icon I saved on my home screen. Now I have to go into Evernote and click on the three lines to the left of the screen and scroll down the long list of shortcuts to get to my most important info.




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I have been a premium member of Evernote since 2009. The removal of the link function on my home screen is a wrong move. I used it all the time. In addition the search function is now  much slower. Is it time to look at other apps? After all my money is green and spends well everywhere. I don't need to spend it on a program that slows me down. 

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Same issue for me- Got a new phone (Samsung S21 Ultra), installed new evernote and it imported my shortcuts. Worked fine for a few days.
After that I found all the shortcuts were deleted and now I can't create new ones.

Hopefully this feature will be restored soon.

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Yes! I've been a premium user for years and value Evernote. the most recent Android update adds clarity. But I can't keep my more important notes on my home screen.

I like to have my to-do list when I need it, one click away, not hidden in a menu of other notes. Why have you removed this function? If it's not fixed I won't be renewing my subscription.

Please restore the function to add a note to the home screen.

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