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Sorting of Reminders

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9 hours ago, michaelgfindlay said:

How can this be confusing to the support team? If you have a number of reminders it should be possible to display these in the order in which they will occur.

Do you have a link to the support ticket? This has rendered Evernote pretty useless to me. It's one of the main uses I have for it.

Support is given by email, but after 3 emails they still have no idea what to do (and maybe still what the problem is), they only want to have the activity protocol, very poor service indeed ... maybe you are more lucky!

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... if anybody wants a signed version of a previous app version (that means that you don't get any offers by the PlayStore to update to version 10.x), I can recommand https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/ken-ellinwood/zipsigner/zipsigner-3-4-release/zipsigner-3-4-android-apk-download/#description (really very easy to use)


I have the last version 8.x signed available & can help if needed ...

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