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Arrow keys move between notes, but note doesn't refresh.

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When I'm in a notebook and use the arrow keys to select a different note (i.e. up or down) the note highlighted in the list view moves, however, the note displayed doesn't refresh until I click on it with my mouse. 

Is there a way to report actual bugs with the software or is posting here the best thing to do?

(BTW: As a software engineer, I find it absolutely astounding that they released this colossally buggy P.O.S. Forget about the "missing" features, was this even TESTED before release??)

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10 hours ago, Vee Van ***** said:

When I'm in a notebook and use the arrow keys to select a different note (i.e. up or down) the note highlighted in the list view moves, however, the note displayed doesn't refresh until I click on it with my mouse. 

It is odd to see the highlighted note in the note list not being dispalyed. V10 is generally not good at dynamic updating (e.g. searches etc). If you want to avoid using the mouse, pressing enter also dispays the highlighted note.

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I brought this weird non window refresh up quite some time ago when EN10 was released as no other software has ever behaved in this way, only to be told by other users in the forum that it wasn’t a bug but a feature so I asked okay what’s the advantage to this odd annoying behaviour and the thread went silent. I find it very strange how some people on the forum will defend anything, no matter how ridiculous. 
Of course we need the selection to refresh and show the contents of the selected note. If not I would love someone to explain the opposite view because I just don’t get it. 
This is yet another example of why users hate the new Evernote, there must be too many Yes men working for Evernote, afraid to speak out or they will lose their jobs. I could never work for a company that goes against logic in this way and completely ignores their user base legitimate complaints. I reported many of these bugs, as did thousands of others during the beta program, only to be completely ignored. Evernote will be pleased to know that I have been doing an extensive search for an alternative and as yet found nothing comes close to the still working Classic version. If they cut that off by petulantly breaking the sync to the old classic, as they threaten to, I will be up a creek without a paddle. The lack of responce to user concerns from Evernote is shocking. Their silence speaks volumes. Why can’t they see we need some reassurance that they won’t cut us off from the Classic working version. 
UPDATE: the second I finished writing this the next story I read was this: A responce at last from Ian Small, they are there after all, I was wondering where he had gone, he’s been writing this for the last two months: https://evernote.com/blog/state-of-the-product/

Still no reassurance about keeping the Classic version working though. I read into this that really Ian Small wishes power users didn’t exist and that his key user base should really be people using Evernote once a week for their shopping list that still pay him and have never heard of tags. I noticed lots of little digs at these horrible users that keep complaining. Apart from a begrudging acknowledgment that they messed up big time (for which I am thankful) there is very little new information. He should be a politician. Here’s a suggestion, if Evernote 10 had been released as a public beta and not a replacement for the classic (working) Evernote this would have saved a lot of people a lot of pain and worry, we could have simply all worked together until Evernote beta was a fit replacement and migrated over without all these shocking problems and embarrassment on their part, thus preserving the reputation of the company. Doing it the way they have has damaged the trust long term whether they like it or not. 

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I can safely say that I have been an Evernote user since the beginning: My first note creation date is July 8, 2008. The software was released on June 24, 2008. I challenge anyone here to have an older note than this. And I have NEVER since the VERY VERY beginning of the original beta -- which I participated in -- seen such a deplorable and ill-planned release.

Come on, guys. As a user of 13 years, I do NOT want to change software, but this is the WORST re-write (I refuse to call it an upgrade) EVER.

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12 hours ago, Vee Van ***** said:

(I refuse to call it an upgrade)

I’m 100% with you on this, it’s the biggest backward step in software history, no exaggeration. I’m a newbie, I’ve only been using Evernote for 10 Years, put my life into it, Ian classes me as a 0.2%er power user, because I use tags. What does that tell you about the new managements understanding of the user base and their own software. It does not feel to me like Evernote is in safe hands which is such a pity because the Classic version of Evernote was and is (for now, before it’s trashed at any moment) one of my favourite software programs ever. 

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