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WARNING! EN 10 breaks formatting for notes with encrypted text

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Hope everyone which formats notes like I do read this before they face the issue.

On EN 10, encrypted elements have changed they way they are managed and edited as explained here, but also change their inline display kind. Before, ecnrypted elements were more or less as high as the text itself, and they could be aligned within the paragraph. You could write a lot of text and cypher all sensible individual words inside the text.

Now encrypted elements are displayed as block elements, placed on its own line. But the severe thing it that this isn't a simple display issue, but the whole note body is edited if you change a single line and save the note with EN 10!! I have opened the note now on EN Legacy and my whole note is fucked up, all encrypted texts are moved to an own line.

See screenshot, previously all the encrypted elements were inline with text 😭



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