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Request: Please add more color options for cell backgrounds, fonts, and highlighter.



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I have just started using the latest version on my Mac. I was a bit disappointed to learn there are fewer font style. Additionally, Copy and past (for programming code) didn't preserve code highlighting status and changed to monochrome. In the previous version, at least I can do as attached. Revising the product is OK but please do not remove existing function. In such a case, please prove alternative (similar or better) function. Adding "code block" is OK but we need syntax highlighting function. I expect some more improvement.

BR, Koichi from Japan



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I am so down for this idea! There are such few color options for any items that can have that variability. A color wheel would be perfect and I am surprised Evernote hasn't moved beyond the ultra basic. I am a new time premium member and I am shocked about how little you get with that membership! Please add a color wheel to allow us to work within our individual desires for our work!

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