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Notebook name - duplicate multiple - cannot be deleted

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It appeared to be reported by someone else. I have to go back to the old version as it is really annoying.

The symptoms are:

  • Multiple same notebook names - both english and chinese names
  • It is not sure when it was duplicated - randomly
  • When select specific one duplicated name, all the same name were selected
  • All the notes in the duplicated notebooks are exactly same
  • The duplicated notebooks are essentially one notebook, as I cannot use them individually - e.g. when I change the the name, all the same name changes; When I delete one, all the same name disappear

A temp fix for the issue is: uninstall, delete the database completely and reinstall. However, a few days use the duplicated names come back again!

By the way, I am not sure it is a "language" related issue or not.

Ashampoo_Snap_Thursday, 10 December 2020_07h51m19s_001_.png

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6 hours ago, Rajesh Gaire said:

@Andis& @conant. I know this may be bit late but try updating. if not you can always pull a support ticket for the problem. I can see this would be a great problem of it copied uncontrollably and it also decreases you monthly sync amount. 

Thanks Rajesh. I rolled back to Legacy version and it works perfect. I won't do another update until it is more stable.🤣

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