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Evernote Add-in for Outlook 365 displays blank popup

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I recently "updated" to version 10.4.4 and installed the latest Evernote Add-in to Outlook 365, however, when I click on the Evernote button (in the browser-based version of Outlook 365), it just displays a blank popup/overlay with the Evernote logo - it doesn't actually include any option to "Save to Evernote."

In the desktop version of Outlook 365, the Evernote Add-in doesn't appear at all :(  

I noticed that (unlike the Web Clipper in the browser),  I wasn't asked to actually login to my Evernote account within the Add-in, so I'm wondering if it can't "Save to Evernote" because I'm not actually authenticated to Evernote from within Outlook 365.  Is it just assuming I use the same password for O365 that I use for Evernote for Business??? 

Evernote Add-in Screenshot.png

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Hi.  Access to the Outlook Clipper has (for some reason) been removed from the new versions.  If you also run the legacy version you should still be able to access it - and you'll have time to try to persuade Evernote they should add that access back in!

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