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ScanSnap ix500


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I have been using a ScanSnap ix500 for years with Evernote, my Evernote just updated and Scanning directly into Evernote with my ScanSnap scanner no longer works!

What do I need to do? Some Setting I can't find??  Need a new Scanner?? I have scanned 10,000s of documents with no problem over the last 5 years and today after update no more.

Using a Mac with macOS High Sierra 10.13.6

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Same Issue - Having used Evernote for years for exactly this reason - being able to scan my documents into the app.  Not having this functionality is a massive issue and I question was the new release issued with this flaw - seriously unimpressed.  When is it going to be fixed .........?

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Install legacy, and wait until EN releases something to this end.

With legacy, the ScanSnap works as it always did. You can install in parallel on the same computer, if you want to use v10  for whatever reason.

Up to now, apart from the final stop for supporting the EN edition scanner no other information has been communicated regarding scanning. So probably it is somewhere on the backlog, but without a priority set for it.

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Must relink Scan Snap account and Evernote each year.  I wish I could tell you how I did it, but I just fumbled until it worked. I would delete scan snap and download again. I did the same thing for evernote. Finally my scanner is working where it scans directly into Evernote and not into the Scan snap cloud.
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