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Text Deleted, any way to restore?

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So I just deleted a large amount of text from a note and I am struggling to find a way to retrieve it. I did not delete the note itself, just text within.

This happened with the Evernote App v 10.4.4 on Windows 10. Basic User. 

Some odd glitch started happening where many of my keystrokes wouldn't work in Evernote, including backspace and any 'ctrl+' shortcuts. I was trying to carry on working in spite of this, and I was selecting a large amount of my notes to change the formatting. I then accidentally hit the spacebar key and so replaced it all with blank text. Ctrl+Z doesn't work, and nor would selecting undo from the 'edit' menu. It's already saved and uploaded to the cloud so I can't retrieve it from my phone or the web. I had to restart my laptop which now has fixed the keystroke problem, but the text is still gone and I can't see a way to restore. Any possible solutions? 

It was a note I had been working on all day, continuously open and adding to from 9am until 4pm when the deletion occurred. 

I understand Note History exists for premium, but I am unsure if this would have captured the version I want, which would be the one at 4pm right before a large chunk was deleted. 

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Hi.  Note History works off backups taken at various times during the day, so it may have captured some of the changes you made.  The only way to find out is to subscribe.  You may be able to do that with monthly payments,  and if after a month you decide to downgrade to Basic again,  your payments would stop. In the meantime you'd also have access to email support which might also help you get some of your data back...

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