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How to forward notes by mail with new Evernote-Version

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Forwarding Notes by mail is one major feature within my daily working routine. Today, I realized that the button "Freigabe" ( not sure how it is labeled in english ) which usually lead to certain possibilities to share notes with others now only shows a link to share the note and invite others to that note.

The possibility to forward note per mail has dissapeared. How to I get this feature back or where can I find it within the new version?


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I'd like to stress this requirement... sending notes by email is something I do several times a day and usually when I'm in a hurry - like 10min ago...

Please please please (I assume that someone of the evernote team reads this forum...): re-introduce the feature as soon as possible... "one of the next releases" is not enough...

In the meanwhile... where can I find the previous version of the application? (I want to go back today...). Thank You

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