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Missing Ctrl+; shortcut for date and time



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19 hours ago, MrsDevine said:

Oh no! The ctrl+; date and time stamp shortcut is gone! This was such a helpful feature when adding new content to an existing note on a project. Is it hidden somewhere else?

EN have separated out the date and time and changed the shortcut.

ctrl-shift-D for time

alt-shift-D for date

If it helps, my way of remembering is:

"Lets find an alternative date"

"I need to learn to control my time better"

Not really a "home" issue so you may have got a faster response in another forum.



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I was looking for this, Thx!
 strange that they changed the hotkey because it use to be the same as excel

is there a way to change date notation to the superior iso notation standard (2020-12-11) instead of written out notation (December 11, 2020)

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